Is King Coconut Good for A Pregnant Woman?

King Coconut is known for its sweet Coconut meat and water. It’s a refreshing treat for most of us, but is Coconut good for a pregnant woman?

What Is King Coconut?

King Coconut is a type of coconut with an orange-colored cover and has uniquely sweet-tasting Coconut water and meat. King Coconut comes from Sri Lanka and is, in fact, considered it as street food. It’s usually consumed during the hot summer days, where everyone (even the locals) need to take something to rehydrate them. 

King Coconut, however, is not only for hot summer days. This one-seeded drupe and its contents contain something more than just its meat and water. For one, a lot of active people use it whenever they get thirsty after working out or practicing since King Coconut Water contains electrolytes. We’ll talk about Electrolytes later in this blog, so keep in touch. 

Is King Coconut Good for A Pregnant Woman?

King Coconut from Sri Lanka contains a variety of nutrients that are helpful for those who are expectant mothers. Some of these are Folic Acid, Electrolytes, Enzymes, and many more. This is why if you’re expecting, drinking coconut water daily or eating coconut meat daily can be of help for your baby. 

What Nutrients Does King Coconut Contain? 


Carotenoids are responsible for giving King Coconut and other fruits and vegetables with a bright-red, orange and yellow color. However, providing pigment to your fruit and vegetables isn’t the only thing it does. For most plants, the color of a plant reflects its nutritional contents. Since King Coconut has an orange hue, it contains Carotenoids. 

Carotenoids play a huge role in taking care of your overall health and strengthening your immune system. For one, it acts as an antioxidant which takes care of boosting your immune system. Plus, it also protects your skin from free radicals that harm your skin by drying it all up and speeding its aging process. If you’re an expecting mother, taking Carotenoids can help you boost not only your health but also the health of your baby.

Aside from that, Carotenoids can also be converted into Vitamin A, which can help you boost your vision as well as your growth and development. Since the baby inside the mother’s womb takes its nutrients from the mother, the baby will also benefit from this. It strengthens their immune system and helps their growth and development as well.


King Coconut Water is packed with Electrolytes. If you’re not familiar with this, Electrolytes are a crucial element for most of your essential body processes. To simply say it, Electrolytes are vital in conducting nerve impulses and connecting with your muscles, regulating the pH levels of your body, as well as keeping you hydrated. 

These functions are crucial, especially if you’re an expectant mother. If you’re pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes. To add with that, you have a baby who’s sharing the nutrients that you’re taking. All of these require a lot of Electrolytes. Through consuming King Coconut daily, you’ll be able to give your body processes a good boost.


These are proteins that you can find in your cell. What it mainly does is it speeds up the digestion of your food and metabolism. This way, your body will be able to process the food much faster. The reason behind this is that some nutrients are harder to digest and process because of their size. Some of these are carbohydrates.

Through the Enzyme that’s contained in King Coconut Water, these nutrients will be digested and processed much faster. This means that nutrients will be distributed throughout your body much faster. This means that both the mother and the baby will be able to benefit from the food processing much faster.  

Folic Acid

Also known as Folate, King Coconut is also abundant with this particular nutrient. If you’re pregnant, you must have already known that folic acid plays a huge role in your pregnancy. What it does is that it greatly helps with the development of your baby’s brain, spinal cord, and spinal column. If you’re not taking enough Folic Acid during your pregnancy, your baby’s brain development is at risk.

The great news about this is that King Coconut from Sri Lanka is rich in Folic Acid. This is why if you care about your baby’s development, you shouldn’t ignore this helpful nutrient.


King Coconut is great for expectant mothers who want to make sure that they, as well as their baby becomes healthy.